AppleScript Scripts

Automate routine and time consuming tasks with the powerful programming language built into every Mac. These are a few useful routines. Copy and paste the code into AppleScript Editor, edit it if necessary, and save it to the appropriate location.

FileMaker Custom Functions

Expand FileMaker Pro with Custom Functions. Create a new custom function in FileMaker, enter the name and attributes of the corresponding bold header below, click the Select button below the text area, copy the highlighted text, and, paste it into the custom function calculation field. The code comments have usage instructions.


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  1. Hello,

    I checked your custom function IRR on briandunning website. I would like to get quite the same which is called XIRR on Excel. This function takes into account the date when the cashflow has been made. Would you be able to adapt yours to this specific function.
    I’ve read here that it was possible to change it a little bit to adapt to IRR.
    Please provide me a quotation for this modification.

    Thanks a lot in advance.


    • We created a XIRR Custom Function for FileMaker Pro that operates the same as the Excel function. It was derived from a Javascript XIRR routine obtained off GitHub.

      Thank you Bertrand Comte for the request.

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